rigid cardboard gif box

Typically available in rectangular shapes. Round, oval and triangle contours are also popular.
Lids can be made in full-telescoping (lid spans full height from top to bottom) or at any length, including partial telescoping.
Inserts and platform can add a display feature.
Unique ""piping"" on edges add a distinct design feature
Can be covered in exotic materials, embossing, or a wrap-around photo
Made in our US plants or in China, turnaround time can be as fast as three weeks.

Available in virtually any size or shape, rigid set-up boxes add elegance and protection to all merchandise. there is no better way to present a product than through rigid set-up boxes. Windowing is also possible.

Rigid set up boxes have been successfully utilized in merchandising cosmetics, fine jewelry and high-end couture.

With rigid setup boxes being so strongly associated with luxury - some designers tend to overlook the pure benefits of a rigid box. They provide protection that is superior to any other box style. Rigid boxes lend themselves to sets or multiples which easily adds variation to your packaging program. These paper boxes are easy to open and close.