tissue paper

Wrapping tissue paper is a translucent, thin tissue paper used for wrapping and cushioning items. You can personalize the tissue paper with your own design.

Use brightly colored tissue paper as filler in your jewelry packaging or bags.

The sheets are evenly thick and are slightly glossy on one side, giving the tissue a solid, upscale look.

The tissue paper is acid-free, so it will not tarnish silverware or jewelry The tissue is color fast.

Tissue Paper is a delicate material that is slightly translucent and extremely pliable. We offer Tissue Paper in a variety of sizes.

Wrapping Paper is made out of stronger recycled Kraft paper, available in a variety of shades from white to brown and thicknesses from 3pt to 8pt. It offers more protection and is less pliable than Tissue Paper, especially in the thicker options.